Radgard Seed Mix – Cut Flowers

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Radgard is short for "Radical Gardening" and is gardening for the impatient.

Reuse the can

Use the can to save scraps of leftover seeds and keep radgarding forever.

Radgard – Cut flowers. A blissful mix of fine annual summer flowers that are suitable for picking as cut flowers.

As much as 150g of seed mix. Enough for 150 square meters!

The flowers
A mixture of annual summer flowers that bloom in batches throughout the summer and until frost. The flowers are suitable for use as cut flowers for bouquets and arrangements.

The mix contains the following (bring out a dictionary!): Agrostemma githago Amaranthus caudatus Ammi visnaga Anethum graveolens Antirrhinum majus Calendula officinalis Callistephus chinensis Carthamus tinctorius Celosia argentea Centaurea cyanus Chrysanthemum carinatum Chrysanthemum coronarium Clarkia unguiculata Coreopsis tinctoria Delphinium consolida Dianthus chinensis Godetia hybrida Gypsophila elegans Helianthus annuus Lavatera trimestris Malope trifida Matricaria eximia Matthiola incana Mirabilis jalapa Moluccella laevis Nigella damascena Phlox drummondii Rudbeckia hirta Scabiosa atropurpurea Scabiosa stellata Venidium Fastuosum Zinnia elegans

So you do
Take a handful of seeds. Throw out on any patch of soil before rain. Water as needed if you feel that you have the time.