Radgard Seed Mix – Pollinator

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Radgard is short for "Radical Gardening" and is gardening for the impatient.

Reuse the can

Use the can to save scraps of leftover seeds and keep radgarding forever.

Radgard – Pollinator. As much as 150g of seed mix. Kärret's Radgard Seed Mix in a can covers 150 square meters!

The flowers
Seeds of plants whose flowers provide a lot of nectar and pollen are called draft plants as they have a great pulling force on pollinating insects. Bees, bumblebees, butterflies, flies and beetles are important pollinators in nature and pollinate the flowers so they can form fruit and seed. Blooms in batches during the summer and at the same time helps to improve the soil on the plant site with the plants' various properties.

The seed mix contains annual plants such as: Honey phacelia, Maiden in the green, Buckwheat Mustard, Dill, Coriander, Calendula, Black cumin, Cornflower, Mallow and Borage.

How to grow!
Take a handful of seeds. Throw out on any patch of soil before rain. Water as needed if you feel you have the time. 

Direct sowing: April-May

Flowering/harvest: mid-June-Sept

Sowing depth: 1 cm

Plant height approx: 40-75 cm