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Care Instructions

40 degrees washing machine. Hang dry. The trousers arrive unwashed, which means that they will shrink approx. 5-10 cm in length. ATTENTION! We recommend that you wear the trousers as long as possible before the first wash, for the best patina on trousers.

Made in Sweden

Made by adults in Borås, Sweden


We are now accepting pre-orders for our long-awaited Kärret Workwear pants! We are accepting pre-orders until March 20 2024. Buy now and get yours from the first batch. Estimated delivery in 3-4 weeks.

Here's how it works: Add the product to the shopping cart and pay at checkout. The money is withdrawn along with the purchase (depending on how you choose to pay). The pants are being sewn as you read this, but our producers have reasonable working conditions and working hours so it will take a little while. We think they will be ready in three, maximum four weeks (mid april 2024). You will be notified when they are on their way.


Kärret Workwear pants

Durable trousers designed for changing tires, climbing trees, hiking, renovating, planting or lying on the sofa watching TV. Sewn in 465g/m² Duck fabric (100% BCI Cotton) from Scottish Halley Stevensons (QUALITY!). With extra layer of reinforcement above the knee. Large spacious external pockets + smart extra storage spaces for various tools such as the world's most powerful weapon – the pen.

The trousers you get are unwashed. This means that they will shrink the hell out of it, so don't adjust the length before the first wash. 

First wash - Now this is a bit important. So listen carefully. 40° on machine. Wash the pants. Take them out. And now comes the strange part: Wear them wet!

- Huh?????

Yes, you read that right. You put them on wet. And wear them. Now the fit is tailored after your body. Wear them. Wear them. Wear them.

Then you're done. Congrats! Now you have the perfect pants!


Fabric: 100% BCI Cotton ( 465g/m² ) from Scottish Halley Stevensons
Thread: Strong knitting thread from GUETERMANN called MARA. Selected with care to withstand wear and tear over time and not to absorb color.
Button: Brass colored with Kärret's moonlight symbol
Fit: Relaxed. Buy your usual size.
Shrinkage: The pants are too long when you receive them. But. Shrinks 5-10 cm in length after the first wash.