Hand Made Soap Bar

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Saponified coconut oil, glycerin, sea salt, water, saponified castor oil, kaolin clay, organic sugar, organic essential oil from rosemary, tea tree, spearmint, amyris and clove. Allergens present in the essential oils: limonene and eugenol.

Made in Sweden

Made by hand in Järna, Sweden


Sodium cocoate*, glycerin, maris sal, aqua, sodium castorate*, kaolin, sucrose*, rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil*, melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil*, mentha spicata herb oil*, amyris balsamifera bark oil*, eugenia caryophyllus bud oil*, limonene**, eugenol**. *Organic raw material. **Naturally occurring in essential oil.

Hand Made Hard Soap

120 grams of handmade cold-stirred hard soap. Insanely beautiful, you hardly want to use it. Thanks to large amounts of salt and kaolin clay, the soap is extra hard and keeps its shape for a long time. To balance the salt, the soap contains a large proportion of coconut fat, which makes the soap extra foamy and suitable for skin, hands and hair. The clay in the soap contributes to a special washing experience and also that the soap retains its firmness for a longer time.

Completely natural fragrance

The soap contains no artificial perfume, only natural essences from essential oils - rosemary, tea tree, spearmint, amyris and clove - a scent that goes towards the natural, earthy but at the same time fresh and refreshing. Unlike perfume, essential oils do not contain any phthalates that cause the scent to remain. Therefore, the scent is only felt when you wash yourself with the soap and the scent does not stay on the skin.

Activated carbon, salt and clay

This soap contains activated carbon to create the deep intense color while the carbon helps to make the skin extra clean. Because the soap contains both fine-grained and coarse-grained salt, the soap gives a scrubbing effect. Both the castor oil and the coconut fat in the soap contribute to both skin care and moisturizing effects. 

Lake and outdoor shower

Completely natural, really. Not an evil fiber. If you are going to use soap at all in the swimming pool or the outdoor shower, this is it!

As the soap does not contain any additives that are harmful to the environment, a cold-stirred hard soap like this is the best you can use out in nature - to  the morning dip in the lake or washing in the outdoor shower. 

All ingredients in the soap are vegan and organic.