Classic Swedish Clogs (new edition)

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Care advice

Either you leave the clog as it is and start using it immediately without protective treatment. Then the leather will become flamboyant from stains and the wood possibly a little more sensitive to dirt, but you can romantically call that "patina" and not worry about it any more. But for a shoe that keeps its style better over time, you can treat it before use. Lubricate the leather with wax, tallow or oil. This makes it more dirt-resistant and possible stains can be wiped off immediately. Note that it will cause the leather to darken immediately but it is a process that will happen over time anyway. We like wax and sebum the best, don't really have an explanation as to why. If you don't have anything like that at home, it works great with regular olive oil. The wood in the sole is preferably protected with an uncolored wax, e.g. linoleum wax or beeswax, but the olive oil principle also applies here. Hard wax oil, which you may have left over after a floor treatment, also works. Note! Always test on the underside first to see if you like the result.

Size guide

Measure your foot by placing it against a wall. If you hesitate between two sizes, choose the larger one.

Foot length - Shoe size:

21.7-22.5 cm = Size 35

22.5-23.4 cm = Size 36

23.4-23.9 cm = Size 37

23.9-24.6 cm = Size 38

24.6-25.2 cm = Size 39

25.2-25.9 cm = Size 40

25.4-26.0cm = Size 41

26.0-26.6cm = Size 42

26.6-27.3 cm = Size 43

27.3-28.0 cm = Size 44

28.0-28.7 cm = Size 45

28.7-29.3 cm = Size 46

Made in Sweden

Made by hand by adults in Småland.

Karret's classic clog in Linden wood and vegetable tanned leather. Made by hand in Småland.

Vegetable tanned leather with natural shifts. Due to the gentler vegetable tanning, there will possibly be traces of, for example, insect bites. A little hard at first, but as you use the shoe, the leather will soften and mold to your foot.

Our wooden bases are made from a single piece of Linden wood which is light and strong with a rubber sole. 5 cm high in the heel and 4 cm in front at the toe, for a more comfortable shoe.

Good to know
Do not use the clogs in wet weather. If the leather gets very wet, it has a tendency to stretch too much.