Picking machine Pilo 2

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Extra life!
Use a stud remover to extend the life of your country blazers, wild vests and booties! We have tested Pilo 2 from Steamery ourselves on our fleece products with really good results! Many people think that clothes and home textiles are worn out when they fluff or get pimples. But by simply shaving off the piles with a pile remover, your textiles will look like new again. To quickly achieve pill- and lint-free clothes, lay your garment on a flat surface and gently sweep the nozzle over the fabric.

About Pilo 2
The Pilo 2 Fabric Shaver works great on both clothing and home textiles, such as knitwear, coats, scarves, socks, sofas, armrests and blankets. It works on all types of materials, even the most delicate, and also has a new design that makes it easier to clean the machine from lint.

  • Usage time: 2 hours
  • Charging time: 2.5 hours
  • Engine speed: 9000 rpm
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Weight: 152 g
  • Dimensions: 67x67x93 mm
  • Power: 5W