Tank Top

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Organic Cotton

Made of 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. For a garment to be GOTS-certified with level "1", it must contain 95-100% organic cotton, and must not be mixed with other non-sustainable fibers. This ensures that the product does not contain toxic chemicals. In addition to this, GOTS controls the factories, and ensures that there are safe working conditions and that there is no discrimination or child labor.

Made in Sweden

Made by adults at Ljungskile trikå, Sweden

Care Instructions

Made from 100% organic cotton, which is a natural material and feels best when washed at a maximum of 40 degrees. Be kind to the garment and the environment and hang dry.

Tank top from Kärret in interlock 100% GOTS cotton.

Model: Unisex
Colour: Off-white/natural white
Fit: Normal/close to the body
Country of manufacture: Sewn by an adult in Ljungskile, Sweden
Length: Slightly longer than normal length
Sleeve: No, it's a tank top

We asked Olle Jörsved, the person who knitted the fabric and sewed the tank top, what he had to say. Here follows an open letter from Olle, much pleasure:

"Interlock knitted from GOTS-certified cotton. 1x1 rib, also made of GOTS cotton.

Interlock was the single most common knitting quality until the 80s and 90s. It actually consists of two ribs that are knitted together. That is, there are two layers of fabric with a small air gap between them. This makes it a pleasant fabric to wear, regardless of whether it is hot or cold. And it is quite open and has high vapor permeability ("breathes" as they say today, incorrectly since only living things can breathe). It also has stitches on both sides, which means that it has higher abrasion resistance than, for example, single jersey, which is common in tables and collars today.

What can be considered disadvantages is that it tends to mold to the body to a greater extent than single jersey. In other words, it doesn't even hide your body shape in the same way as a single jersey t-shirt or tank top. And that was also what made it less popular. That and the fact that people were getting bigger and more body conscious meant interlock was replaced by single jersey. Which is a shame. Because it's a very nice quality to wear.

Then, due to more stitches per surface, interlock is more sensitive to shrinkage/growth. According to 7h so long shrink/grow within 3% but it is natural material and it moves. Stretch when wet is recommended. As they are unbleached, there "should" be no problem washing at 90, but that was in the past, the cotton is not the same now. I had said 40 degrees max, and pull out in wet conditions.

The rib is mostly a rib. Not much to say really. Note, also cotton sewing thread! So a completely biodegradable product! We have tested this in our garden at home. In one summer, the entire garment was broken down (a t-shirt) and could not be found. Leave no trace!

Best, Olle”