Leather belt (new edition)

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How to choose size

Measure your waist where you usually wear your belt. The sizes are indicated by waist measurement. The belt is adjustable +/- 6 cm in both directions from the center hole.

Made in Sweden

Made by hand by an adult in Tornedalen, Sweden

The belt from the north. Far up in Sweden, near Tornedalen, there is a farm at Övre Kukkola. Lisa lives on the farm with her family and is engaged in farming, western riding and leather crafts. The belt is handmade by Lisa. A wear-resistant belt that will only get better the more it is used. The leather in the belt comes from Swedish Tärnsjö leather and originates from Swedish cattle. It is a vegetable-tanned leather that has been oiled and greased during production. The buckle is brass colored. The Kärret logo is embossed on the outside of the belt.

Care advice:
Does not need to be treated before use. The leather is oiled and greased. Vegetable tanned leather softens quickly once you start using it and ages beautifully with use, weather and wind. Heavily soiled leather can be cleaned with a leather soap and lukewarm water. Leather conditioner softens and protects. Oil will darken the leather slightly. Leather can discolor at first on light textiles if it gets wet heavily.

Color: Natural
Fabric: Vegetable tanned leather that is oiled and greased
Model: Unisex
Length: 80-105 cm
Width: 38 mm
Production: Handmade by Lisa from Tornedalen