Dog leash

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Leftover Fabrics

Made from waste pieces from making ropes.

Made in Sweden

Made by adults in Vårgårda, Sweden

Kärret's dog leash is made from waste pieces and dead stock from Swedish production of quality rope for sailing, arborists, theaters and more.

The leash is soft and comfortable to hold and is water resistant. It is easy to clean, just wipe or hand wash as many times as you like without wearing out the leash. The leash fits all dogs. Withstands sharp puppy teeth thanks to the strong and durable material.

Made in Vårgårda, Sweden.

• 10 mm thick polyester rope
• Strong brass pistol grip
• Length: 2m
• Long shelf life
• Available in 3 different colors - Kakan (green), Bonnie (orange) and Nadja (pink)
• Kakan (green) and Nadja (pink) have a brass ring in the handle. Once you have attached the gun hook to the necklace, the ring is also attached to the gun hook, thus halving the length of the leash