Amulet Moonlight

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Made in Sweden

Made by adults in Eskilstuna, Sweden.

The Kärret logo as a silver pendant. Made in Eskilstuna, Sweden. Punched in the Myntverket (Swedish Money Factory) old machines. Machines used to produce the Nobel Prize. The pendant is made of 99.9% silver. (Note: necklace is not included, but our amulet fits nicely together with, for example, the Anchor Hook Chain Silver chain that you can find here )

Manufacturer: OPJ (O.P. Jewellery)
Place of manufacture: (Eskilstuna, SE)
Date of manufacture: A12 (2023)
Material: 999 (99.9% Silver)
Manufacturing number: 02 (Unique)

23 mm in diameter
2 mm thick
7g Silver