Bath towel 100% linen

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100% lin

Tillverkad i 100% lin med hållbarhet i fokus.

Tillverkad i Sverige

Tillverkad av vuxna på Klässbols Linneväveri.


Tvätta i 60°. Produkten kan släppa från sig linnefibrer vid tvätt, extra sköljning rekommenderas de första tvättarna. Rensa filtret i luckan på tvättmaskinen från eventuellt ludd.

Kärret's bath towel in 100% linen. Inspired by some nice inherited tea towels from the various arms of the armed forces - the navy and the air force (yes, cute that they have their own tea towels). Absolutely beautiful at any time. So we made those. But bigger and in linen. So there are more bath towels than kitchen towels. The towels hardly weigh anything, take up very little space and dry incredibly quickly. And! They are made from a completely natural and sustainable material. Lasts a lifetime (we haven't been able to test this, but that's how linen works, so we just have to trust the material). So instead of buying 20 towels for the rest of your life, you stick to just one.

Break it in! As usual with our stuff, you need to train them to get the feeling right. Start by washing it at 60 degrees before first use! Don't hesitate to give the towel a tumble in the tumble dryer as well.

Linen ages nicely and only gets nicer and finer with time. The towel has a dirt-repellent surface that dries quickly and this reduces the risk of bacterial growth. This also means that it does not start to smell bad either, as a regular towel quickly does.

About the linen bath towel:

  • 90x160cm
  • Takes up little space
  • Much lighter than a terry towel
  • You don't need to wash linen products as often
  • A natural, hard-wearing and durable material that lasts a lifetime
  • A good choice for the environment!